Yu no Sato

Yu no Sato Yu no Sato Yu no Sato Yu no Sato

Here you can find several straw huts called “Yunohana Goya” woven out of bamboo and straw for the purpose of producing “Yunohana” crystals. Yunohana is a bath salt containing hot spring components and is a specialty of the Myoban area.
Yunohana Goya huts are built on locations with an abundance of gas emissions. In order to produce these bath salts, many stones called “Kuri-ishi” in Japanese, are spread on the ground so that the hot spring gas can disperse equally throughout the hut. It is also covered with a blue clay that is specific to this area. These crystals are formed by the chemical reaction between hydrogen sulfide gas in the vapors and components in the blue clay. The crystals grow about 1 mm per day. After 40 to 60 days, these crystal extracts are scraped off, refined and dried to become “Yunohana”. This method has been handed down from generation to generation since the Edo period. It was designated as a national significant intangible folk cultural asset in 2006.
These huts are open to visitors allowing you to see the traditional ways of making these crystals. You can also buy some “Yunohana” from the shop as a way to enjoy the hot spring in your own bathtub

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