What is Yukemuri?

What is Yukemuri? What is Yukemuri? What is Yukemuri? What is Yukemuri?

Have you seen the misty smoke wafting up from the hot spring vents? We call it “yukemuri”.At many places throughout Beppu you can see the hot spring steam rising up here and there. But did you know that not all of those stew vents can be called “yukemuri”? In order to be considered as “yukemuri”, there are several conditions that must be met. First of all, the steam must be visible from a far distance and must remain visible for some time. While the steam from some hot springs quickly evaporates into the air, “yukemuri” steam has mist-like drops of water that remain in the air for quite some time. As well, the hot spring steam must also be of large cubic volume, have a high density and have an extremely high temperature. The “yukemuri” can be seen more easily on cloudy days or in the early hours of the morning. The steam remains in the air longer due to the slower rate of evaporation. Of the four seasons, winter is by far the best for viewing “yukemuri”.