Umitamago (Aquarium)

Umitamago (Aquarium) Umitamago (Aquarium) Umitamago (Aquarium) Umitamago (Aquarium)

This aquarium features a giant water tank shaped like a tunnel where you can see many kinds of sea creatures swimming over your head and tanks where you can touch the dolphins and rays. Performance shows with walrus and dolphins are held each day. The main water tank contains 1500 fish from 90 different specimens. The aquarium overlooks Beppu Bay and has swimming areas nearby. It is located on the opposite side from Takasakiyama Natural Park.

9:00 - 18:00
7 days a week

¥ 2,200 High school student and over
¥ 1,100 Elementary and Junior high school student
¥ 700 4 years and over

Free WiFi
Barrier Free
Luggage Service