Umi Jigoku

Umi Jigoku Umi Jigoku Umi Jigoku Umi Jigoku

The name of this Jigoku, “Umi”, came from its ocean blue color. That is why it is called the “sea hell”. This 200 meters deep cobalt blue pond of the boiling water (98 °C), emerged 1200 or 1300 years ago after a volcanic explosion of Mt. Tsurumi. This boiling pond is famous for its aquamarine water. Some 360 kiloliters (95,000 US gallons) of hot water containing about 1.26 metric tons of salt gush out of this pond daily. On the rocks around the pond is found a bacterial organism called sulfur moss, which lives on hydrogen sulfide. The beautiful color of the water is due to the iron sulfide found in its various mineral contents. Boiled eggs and pudding are made by using the hot spring and sold at this location. The hot spring water is also supplied to various hotels and homes for an onsen type bath. This Jigoku also has a large clear colored water pond with lotus flowers that has large leaves strong enough to carry a small child.

8:00 - 17:00
7 days a week

¥ 400 adult
¥ 2,000 adult ( 7-Hell Passport)

Barrier Free
Foot Bath (Ashi Yu)