Uchikamado Shrine

Uchikamado Shrine Uchikamado Shrine Uchikamado Shrine Uchikamado Shrine

This Shrine is located in the Kamegawa area, two train stops west of Beppu Station. Built in the year 727, it is one of the oldest shrines in Kyushu.
It has the interesting legend about the 100 stone steps that lead up to the shrine. A Frightening ogre was terrorizing the people near the shrine. The god of the shrine proposed a challenge to the ogre. If the ogre could complete the 100 stone steps in one night, he would be allowed to stay in the area. However, if he failed, the ogre had to promise to leave the area forever. The ogre agreed to the challenge and worked feverishly throughout the night.
The god of the shrine watched as the ogre lifted the heavy stones and completed one step after another. With 30 minutes remaining before the sunrise, it looked like the ogre was going to complete the seemingly impossible task. The shrine god, who had been hiding behind some trees, changed his voice to sound like a rooster and screamed “cock-a-doodle-do”.The ogre realized that he had lost and left Kamegawa forever.