Beppu Tower

Beppu Tower Beppu Tower Beppu Tower Beppu Tower

As the tallest structure on Beppu’s waterfront, Beppu Tower is the city’s most famous landmark. The tower was designed by Tachu Naito, the same architect who later designed the famous Tokyo Tower. Originally named Sightseeing Center TV Tower, it was planned to open the Beppu Tourism Exhibition, which was held for two months between March and May in 1957. Construction work began in 1956 but experienced several delays. As a result, the tower was not completed on time and opened only ten days before the end of the Tourism Exhibition. Four years later in 1961, the name was changed to Beppu Tower.The tower has an observation deck at a height of 55 meters, which offers a beautiful panoramic view of Beppu Bay, Kunisaki Peninsula and, on clear days, Shikoku Island. Although the tower is now privately owned, in 2007 it was registered as a tangible cultural property by the Japanese government.

9:00 - 22:00
Closed on every Wednesday

¥200 : High School Students and over
¥100 : Elementary and Junior High School Students

Barrier Free