Beppu Park

Beppu Park Beppu Park Beppu Park Beppu Park

Just a short 5-minute walk from the west exit of Beppu Station, Beppu Park is one of the natural treasures of the city. Covering a total area of 27 hectares (66 acres) the park offers great opportunities for exercise and relaxation.The park was opened in the early 1900’s as a place of recreation for the people. More than 60 varieties of trees and shrubs have been planted in the park’s vast grounds. The park’s 700 pine trees have grown to impressive sizes and have come to symbolize the park.In the spring, Beppu Park becomes one of the main sites for cherry blossom viewing in the city. Families and friends converge on the park to enjoy drinking, eating and chatting while enjoying Japan’s favorite sign of Spring. Likewise, in the Fall, many people stroll through the park to view the autumn foliage.Between 1945 and 1957, the park became the home to the US occupation forces in Japan. The park grounds became off limits to locals and were exclusively used for the soldiers training and living spaces.Today, the park holds many events such as concerts, festivals and other cultural activities.

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