The coming of spring

Ume (Japanese apricot) trees have begun blooming. It shows the arrival of spring. There are about 180 Ume trees in Beppu park. Those will be in full bloom by the beginning of next month. #Beppupark #WeloveBeppu #Ume #Japaneseapricot

Autumn Foliage
Takasakiyama National Park

It is a good time to see autumn leaves along the coastline in Beppu, such as Takasakiyama National Park. Why don’t you take a walk in autumn color? #welovebeppu #beppu #oita #autumnleaves #別府 #大分

Higashi shiiya no taki

It is located in Ajimu town just over the mountain from Beppu. It is a 40-minute drive from Beppu station, passing by the famous African safari park. You can borrow a walking stick there. It is better to have it with you. You start walking and soon you get to a small path along the stream, and find that the water is so clear and sometimes running fast. Both sides of the stream is a valley and the trees are so green, it is easy to imagine that it will be very beautiful red in autumn. At last you see the high fall. It is like a white dragon, you are [Read more…]

Mochigahama Beach Park

Beppu has some beautiful beach parks along the waterfront of Beppu Bay. One of them is Mochigahama Beach Park,which has a 700m-long esplanade with white sand beach and green grass. You can enjoy taking photos of the beautiful scenery there. A photo taken there was awarded a prize of Photography Awards “Capture the Best of Japan”. It was held to show the world the true beauty of Japan. 140 works were chosen from 17,104 submissions.  

Autumn Foliage
Lake Shidaka

Now autumn colors can be viewed at Lake Shidaka. The leaves are beginning to turn red and yellow. It takes 30 min. by bus from JR Beppu station. #welovebeppu #beppu #oita #autumnleaves #別府

Beppu Park

Just a short 5-minute walk from the west exit of Beppu Station, Beppu Park is one of the natural treasures of the city. Covering a total area of 27 hectares (66 acres) the park offers great opportunities for exercise and relaxation.The park was opened in the early 1900’s as a place of recreation for the people. More than 60 varieties of trees and shrubs have been planted in the park’s vast grounds. The park’s 700 pine trees have grown to impressive sizes and have come to symbolize the park.In the spring, Beppu Park becomes one of the main sites for cherry blossom viewing in the city. Families and friends converge [Read more…]

Asami Shrine

This ancient shrine was built in 1196 and is the home of the God of Beppu and the God of Onsen. As you approach the main torii gate, if you step on the two special stones in the shape of a gourd and a sake cup on the first visit of the year to the shrine, they secure good luck for the year. As well, if you are lucky, you might find a special heart-shaped stone, which is said to bring you good luck in love. Two towering cedar trees stand side by side just inside the gate. These are called the Meoto sugi or the Couple Cedars. It is [Read more…]