Beppu Tower

As the tallest structure on Beppu’s waterfront, Beppu Tower is the city’s most famous landmark. The tower was designed by Tachu Naito, the same architect who later designed the famous Tokyo Tower. Originally named Sightseeing Center TV Tower, it was planned to open the Beppu Tourism Exhibition, which was held for two months between March and May in 1957. Construction work began in 1956 but experienced several delays. As a result, the tower was not completed on time and opened only ten days before the end of the Tourism Exhibition. Four years later in 1961, the name was changed to Beppu Tower.The tower has an observation deck at a height [Read more…]

Jumonjibaru Vista / View Point of Beppu City

Jumonjibaru Vista, at 500m above sea level, is one of the most famous observatories in Oita Prefecture. It offers a great view of the entire city of Beppu and Beppu Bay. To your left, you can see APU (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University), Hiji-town which is famous for “Shiro-shita Karei” (flatfish), Kunisaki Peninsula (Oita Airport). To your right, you can see Oita city and Mt. Takasaki (Natural Monkey Park).You can also enjoy a mesmerizing night view from here. This observatory was chosen as one of the top “100 Night Viewing Spots in Japan”.

Yukemuri Vista(Beppu Vista – Hot Spring Steam)

Yukemuri” means misty smoke of the hot springs. It is used to refer to the white cloud of steam standing up in the air that can be seen from afar. From the observation deck at Beppu Vista, you can see a panoramic view of the many yukemuri with a background of beautiful mountains. The yukemuri can be seen more clearly on cloudy days as well as in the morning and evening times depending of the amount of gushing from the hot springs, condensation in the air and speed of evaporation of water drops. Winter is the best season for viewing the yukemuri.      

Uchikamado Shrine

This Shrine is located in the Kamegawa area, two train stops west of Beppu Station. Built in the year 727, it is one of the oldest shrines in Kyushu. It has the interesting legend about the 100 stone steps that lead up to the shrine. A Frightening ogre was terrorizing the people near the shrine. The god of the shrine proposed a challenge to the ogre. If the ogre could complete the 100 stone steps in one night, he would be allowed to stay in the area. However, if he failed, the ogre had to promise to leave the area forever. The ogre agreed to the challenge and worked feverishly [Read more…]

Beppu Ropeway

Mt. Tsurumi standing 1,375m high is located in the Aso-Kuju National Park. From the lower station named “Kogen Eki”, you can take a cable car to the top of the mountain, which offers a beautiful 360 degree panoramic view of Beppu, as well as the Chugoku and Shikoku Regions, and surrounding mountains. You can enjoy plenty of seasonal delights such as cherry blossoms and “Miyama Kirishima” (type of azalea) in the spring, approximately 10 degrees of cooler temperature in the summer, the changing of the leaves in autumn, and hoarfrost in the winter.Mt. Tsurumi has been considered to be sacred place since a long time ago. Statues of ”Shichi Fuku [Read more…]