Shidaka-ko (Lake Shidaka)

Lake Shidaka, which belongs to Aso-Kuju national park, is a small lake located 600 meters above sea level and is 2 km around. It offers beautiful scenery all year round including cherry blossoms in the spring and the changing of the leaves in autumn. You can enjoy a picnic by the lake, camping with grills included (located in designated areas) for cooking out, pedal boat rides on the lake, or just feeding the beautiful swans and fish from the banks and dock. It also has a 12km long hiking trail that highlights more of the beautiful natural scenery.

Higashi shiiya no taki

It is located in Ajimu town just over the mountain from Beppu. It is a 40-minute drive from Beppu station, passing by the famous African safari park. You can borrow a walking stick there. It is better to have it with you. You start walking and soon you get to a small path along the stream, and find that the water is so clear and sometimes running fast. Both sides of the stream is a valley and the trees are so green, it is easy to imagine that it will be very beautiful red in autumn. At last you see the high fall. It is like a white dragon, you are [Read more…]