This shop is a long standing Wagashi shop established more than 100 years ago and is located at the entrance of the Takegawara kouji(arcade). It is famous for Japanese confectionaries made with yuzu (a type of citron). This picture is a Yuzu-man which is a biscuit with yuzu jam. #Japanesesweet #Japaneseconfectionery #yuzu #beppu #welovebeppu #takegawara


This cafe & gallery is located in Kannawa. They serve various flavors of chiffon cake. It also has an open space with wooden benches. Why don’t you stop by while walking in Kannawa? You can take a rest and enjoy the unique atmosphere of hot spring (Onsen) resorts. #beppu #kannawa #welovebeppu #cafe #gallery #chiffoncake


This shop sells two types of Japanese pancakes filled with bean paste. One of them is called “Taiyaki”, a fish-shaped one. The other is called “Oobanyaki”, a round-shaped one. You can see the chef baking pancakes at the counter and buy fresh-baked ones. #Japanesesweet #Japaneseconfectionery #taiyaki #beppu #Welovebeppu

Kokochi Cafe

Located in Kannawa. This cafe serves cakes made without butter or eggs and foods cooked using steam-cooking at low-temparature and sun-dring. You can enjoy healthy and delicious foods in the quiet and cozy place. #cafe #sweets #steamcooking #beppu #kannawa #welovebeppu


This restaurant is located in the Kannawa area. The chef serves a variety of Chinese cuisines, keeping health and disease prevention in mind. Some of these dishes are cooked using hot spring steam, and they are very original. The menu is only a full–course meal and reservations are needed.

cafe Piikoi

This restaurant with a homey atmosphere has a great lunch with a half sized pizza and pasta dish. It comes with a salad, s soft drink and a piece of melon with a slice of uncured ham for 1000 yen.It is located near Tsurumi Hospital.

Y’s Dining Bar

Located in front of Beppu International Plaza, a 5 minute walk from Beppu station. You can enjoy more than 60 kinds of wine with Mediterranean cuisine. Most of cooking ingredients are from Oita pref. It serves a daily special for lunch including a main dish or two types of pasta with soup, salad and a cup of coffee. #welovebeppu #beppu #wine #freewifi #restaurant


Located next to Kappa-no-Yu near the Beppu wharf, this cafe serves many great dishes including pasta and egg dishes. It is barrier free.

Balinese cuisine izakaya

Only a 5 minute walk from Beppu station, this izakaya serves original Balinese cuisine such as coconut beef, grilled chicken in peanut sauce, and deep fried spring rolls. Enjoy the exotic atmosphere with a taste of Bali.


This restaurant is located next to Chinoike-Jigoku.It has many kinds of dishes including local specialties, including toriten, dangojiru, and healthy food steamed in hot springs.This is a picture of Jigoku curry. The color is red, so it looks like Chinoike-Jigoku! It has a little hotter taste than usual curry.