Tanoura Beach Park

This seaside park has a beautiful sand beach surrounded by greenery and quiet sea. You can get wonderful views such as Beppu Bay, Yukemuri and Mt. Takasaki and swim in July and August.

African Safari

This zoo is one of the largest safari parks in Japan. There are 70 species and 1,300 wild animals. It operates Jungle Buses with fences on both sides, which are shaped like some of the animals, such as a lion, tiger and rhinoceros in the huge field. You can go close to many different kinds of wild animals and feed them from these buses. You can also spend time with small and cute animals, such as marmots, rabbits and cats. It is located in Ajimu, a 50-minute bus ride from JR Beppu Station. In summer, it offers Night Safari. You can enter the park until 19:20 and enjoy animal life [Read more…]

Gacha-gacha   (Toy capsule vending machine)    
at Kannawa bus center

Toy capsule vending machines have been installed at the Kannawa bus center. There are 10 different types of capsules. You can choose your favorite one from them. A tourist who visited Beppu on a cruise ship picked up two of them. We hope she will like the toys in those capsules and they will remind her of the pleasant time in Beppu. Please come to Beppu again!! #gacha-gacha #kannawa #beppu #welovebeppu

Funny-looking picture panel
Eki Machi 1chome Beppu

This happy couple from the U.S. asked me to take their photos with a funny-looking picture panel. The panel with 2 different pictures on each side can be found near the information center in JR Beppu Station. If you want to take wonderful souvenir photos, please visit there!!

Beppu Tsuge Kougei
Beppu traditional craft shop

This is a boxwood craft shop located in Hamawaki area. You can see elaborate handicrafted boxwood products and find a great souvenir of your trip. #welovebeppu #beppu #oita #traditional # tsuge #別府

Japanese arts and crafts

You can put on a Japanese traditional Kimono. Please bring your own camera or tablet to take as many photos as you like!! This shop is located behind Yamada electrical appliance store near Beppu station.

Mochigahama Beach Park

Beppu has some beautiful beach parks along the waterfront of Beppu Bay. One of them is Mochigahama Beach Park,which has a 700m-long esplanade with white sand beach and green grass. You can enjoy taking photos of the beautiful scenery there. A photo taken there was awarded a prize of Photography Awards “Capture the Best of Japan”. It was held to show the world the true beauty of Japan. 140 works were chosen from 17,104 submissions. http://www.japan.go.jp/g7/photocon/winner_22.html  

Umitamago (Aquarium)

This aquarium features a giant water tank shaped like a tunnel where you can see many kinds of sea creatures swimming over your head and tanks where you can touch the dolphins and rays. Performance shows with walrus and dolphins are held each day. The main water tank contains 1500 fish from 90 different specimens. The aquarium overlooks Beppu Bay and has swimming areas nearby. It is located on the opposite side from Takasakiyama Natural Park.

Takasakiyama National Park (Monkey Park)

Mt. Takasaki has had wild monkeys inhabiting it for over 400 years. In 1952, Oita city began feeding the monkeys in order to prevent conflicts with farmers and residents in the neighborhood. The park was established as a major tourist attraction in 1953. This mountain has the largest population of Macaque monkeys in Japan. Currently, there are two groups (B and C) of monkeys living there totaling around 1,500. They are fed several times a day with sweet potato and wheat. The two groups naturally rotate the feedings with the stronger group coming first then disappearing as the second group comes. This rotation helps prevent fighting between the two groups. [Read more…]

Uchikamado Shrine

This Shrine is located in the Kamegawa area, two train stops west of Beppu Station. Built in the year 727, it is one of the oldest shrines in Kyushu. It has the interesting legend about the 100 stone steps that lead up to the shrine. A Frightening ogre was terrorizing the people near the shrine. The god of the shrine proposed a challenge to the ogre. If the ogre could complete the 100 stone steps in one night, he would be allowed to stay in the area. However, if he failed, the ogre had to promise to leave the area forever. The ogre agreed to the challenge and worked feverishly [Read more…]