Vietnamese kitchen

This small restaurant serves popular Vietnamese dishes, such as uncured spring roll, pho and Banh-mi cooked by a lady who is from Ho Chi Minh. In Vietnam, “Com dia” means main dish garnished with vegetable.It’s only a 5 minute walk from Beppu station.


This restaurant is located next to Chinoike-Jigoku.It has many kinds of dishes including local specialties, including toriten, dangojiru, and healthy food steamed in hot springs.This is a picture of Jigoku curry. The color is red, so it looks like Chinoike-Jigoku! It has a little hotter taste than usual curry.

Cafe & Sweets

Located in Kannawa. You can have teatime with desserts such as cakes and shaved ice. This cafe was named “Yohachiro” after the owner’s grandfather. #welovebeppu #beppu #oita #cafe #sweets #別府

Jigoku-mushi Kobo (Steamed Dish Kitchen)

The kitchen provides the opportunity to learn the unique way of cooking using natural hot spring steam. This cooking method is called “Jigoku-mushi”. It is said to have started early in the Edo period, mid 17 century. Until recently, only local residents and long-stay guests in many “tojiyado” inns providing hot spring therapy had enjoyed this style of cooking. Since “Jigoku-mushi Kobo” opened in 2010, the simple do-it-yourself cooking style has become popular among tourists. All that is required is to put the ingredients in a steaming pot and leave them in for the appropriate time. You can then enjoy the flavor of the raw ingredients brought out by the mineral-rich hot spring.