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Amazing Hot Spring Resource

One of the benefits of being a volcanic country is the abundance of hot springs throughout the nation. It is said that there are roughly 23,500 hot spring locations across Japan. Nearly 10% of those can be found in Beppu, making the popular hot spring resort the number one hot spring resource in Japan.Beppu is the world's second largest source of thermal water after Yellowstone National Park in the US. Everyday over 130,000 tons of hot spring water gushes out of the 2,291 wells scattered throughout the city. Visitors to Beppu are amazed to see the large amount of steam that spouts up throughout the city. The distinct smell of sulfur in the air is due to these steam vents. Beppu is home to the famous "7 Hells", a diverse selection of hot springs that are great for viewing the beauty and power of nature.

  • How rich Beppu Onsen is!!

    Almost 90% of hot spring water flows directly from the hot spring sources in Beppu. It means that people can always use fresh hot spring water. New hot spring water comes from sources to replace the amount used. In most other onsen areas, it is only around 10%.

  • Hot spring is our culture itself!!

    What is amazing is that the 70 % of the wells are privately owned. It means visitors can only have access to 30 % of the hot springs. Meanwhile, other hot spring resorts in Japan provide access to almost 90 % of their springs for visitors. Beppu Hot Springs are not only for tourists but also deeply rooted in the lives of the local people.

  • Bathing? Viewing?

    People can enjoy many kinds of hot springs from steam baths to sand baths to mud baths, there are also many hot springs that are for viewing only.

  • Theme park of Onsen

    People can enjoy 10 out of the world's 11 kinds of hot springs. (Simple Spring, Carbon Dioxide Spring, Sulfate Spring, Sodium Bicarbonate Spring, Acidic Spring, Chloride Spring, Aluminum Spring...)